With Speezy Bets you can place 0% fee bets, on whatever the community would like, including sports, using your $SPEEZY Tokens! 

SPEEZY BETS is our very own peer-to-peer ZERO FEE betting dApp powered by the $SPEEZY token!

Holders of $SPEEZY can utilize their tokens to bet freely amongst each other on sports, politics, crypto predictions, and anything else the community votes on or requests. Creating unique betting opportunities for. All betting is set on the Blockchain by the Speakeasy team and the outcomes are recorded on the Blockchain as well. A unique bet matching system and the ability to estimate winning chances ensures that every bettor has fair odds regardless of the team, player, or side bet on!


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How to bet with Speezy Betting dApp:

  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Approve $SPEEZY token to bet
  3. Click “bet” for either team/side/player/option
  4. Select how many $SPEEZY token you wish to bet
  5. Confirm the transaction
  6. Wait for the game to start and finish
  7. Withdraw any “unconfirmed” bets at any time
  8. If you win, there is a draw, or the bet is canceled click “withdraw” to claim your winning tokens and any outstanding “unconfirmed” bets
100% Fair & Safe
18 and order age

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