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Speakeasy Token features our very own, and innovative, Speezy Bets, a Peer-to-Peer Betting DApp!

(Track your odds and watch for the spin at spinBSC.app)

Spin Jackpots:


Each 0.01 BNB of $SPEEZY you buy on PancakeSwap gives you one credit in both the Super and Mega Spin Jackpots.


Selling any amount of $SPEEZY forfeits all of your credits and prevents you from receiving more credits until the next game starts.


With Parlay you can place 0% fee bets, on whatever the community would like, including sports, using your $SPEEZY Tokens!

Core dApp - Speezy Bets

Speezy Bets is our very own peer-to-peer ZERO FEE betting dApp powered by the $SPEEZY token!

Holders of $SPEEZY can utilize their tokens to bet freely amongst each other on sports, politics, crypto predictions, and anything else the community votes on or requests. Creating unique betting opportunities for. All betting is set on the Blockchain by the Speakeasy team and the outcomes are recorded on the Blockchain as well. A unique bet matching system and the ability to estimate winning chances ensures that every bettor has fair odds regardless of the team, player, or side bet on!

More details and rules will be available once Parlay is released. Get ready to have some fun betting on the Super Bowl!

Fun Jackpot - SPEEZY Mini Game

The Mini Game is a 3rd decentralized Spin Jackpot played with the $SPEEZY token!

(Not Currently Available) Coming Soon!


SPEEZY Spin is a winner-take-all, peer-vs-peer(s) jackpot played entirely with $SPEEZY. Players simply connect their wallet, bet their desired amount, and wait for the wheel to spin. The more $SPEEZY a player bets, the more chances they have to win the entire pot! Winnings are paid out automatically in $SPEEZY directly to their wallet. A new game begins every 30 minutes. If no other players join, the player’s initial $SPEEZY are automatically sent back to their wallet. To help get more players in the game, our lovable mascot Spinny, sends a message to our telegram group with; each new bet, how much is in the pot, and how long is left until the spin. A one percent fee is taken solely to cover gas fees associated with running the game and goes directly to the jackpot deployer wallet. Beware of players trying to “snipe” the pot at the last second with huge bets. They have a much higher chance of winning but will also have much more to lose! Have fun and play responsibly!

Innovative Taxes

Imagine a chart where nobody dumped but instead scaled out their profits daily?


Our Anti-Dump Tokenomics do just that- encourage you to scale your profits versus dumping! Every 24 hours you are able to sell up to one BNB at the standard sell tax of 13%. Any amount you sell beyond one BNB will be taxed at the extra rate of 23%. For example, if you sell two BNB in 24 hours, in one transaction or in many, the combined tax would become 18% (13% on the first BNB and 23% on the second BNB). So, in order to get the lowest sell tax, limit your profit taking to one BNB or less per day. The chart will look better and your next sell may be worth even more than your first!

Launch Promo - Flash Staking

Flash Staking is the latest craze… Or will be once everyone hears about it!

Flash Staking is a lot like regular staking, with a few twists! Holders will have the opportunity to lock up to 10 million of their tokens, 0.1% of the supply, for one week at 1,000% FIXED APR! There will be a maximum of 690 million tokens, 6.9% of the supply, that can be staked before the pool closes. If all the holders who get into the staking pool stake the maximum allotment of 1m tokens, only 69 holders will get in per week! It will be a contest of speed each week only the winners get the staking rewards. Once the week ends, all tokens in the pool will be unlocked, the next pool begins in 24 hours! Holders who wish to participate must have quick fingers if they want their share of these juicy returns. This contest will continue for 8 weeks to drive demand and engagement while we build our betting community which will take us to the next level.

What is a Speakeasy?

During the roaring 1920s and times of prohibition in the United States, there were Speakeasy’s! An exclusive nightclub to gather, enjoy alcohol, and sometimes, gamble!

Speakeasy Token features our very own, and innovative, Speezy Bets, a Peer-to-Peer Betting DApp!

Let the games begin!

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